Weekend Round-Up: Best of the Travel Blogs (and Other Sites!)

Tablet Hotels

Who takes the cake for being America’s meanest airline?  Well, more or less all of them!

New findings of mass graves in Mexico leads to increased US consular warnings.  Read before you travel!

Really, people, get rid of all the products and junk you lug around with you when you travel.  Become a minimalist traveler and you will be so much happier!

I love this post on 10 things to love about India.  Check out the amazing photography of the ubiquitous colors, smells, and oddities of such a unique place.

15 tips to become a better coach passenger.  Really, if everyone followed these, flying would be a happier place.  Don’t sleep on your neighbor’s shoulders or steal all the overhead space, and quit your whining!

Ask the Captain: What should you do if you don’t think something is right on board?

Take a delicious tour of London’s culinary delights.


National Geographic's Photo of the Day: Matterhorn



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