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If you are staying in Venice, PalazinnaG is the place to be!  Even forgetting its amazing location on the Grand Canal, this hotel is stunningly amazing.  Imagine amazing interior design by Phillipe Stark in an historic Venetian building:  ancient framework artfully integrated with sleek modern materials and contemporary design.










With no reception desk at the entrance area, a personalized check in marks the beginning of the tailor-made service guests can expect throughout their stay. The façade of the three-story hotel is a classical 16th-century shell, behind which generations of noble and haute-bourgeois families lived. Classical references abound, and the 15 rooms and 7 suite apartments are characterized by a marriage of contemporary and romantic design—highlighted by unique furnishings, glassworks from French artist Aristide Najean, and sophisticated collector’s items.

PalazinnaG really is a unique specimen among boutique hotels.  It does not lose touch with its place in Venice while at the same time transporting its guests to a magical, mysterious place.

You should check it out when you are next in Venice!


Immersed in the countryside in a gorgeous area of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba opens with 12 rooms set in the Casa Hacienda with grounds spanning approximately 100 acres.










With architecture and interiors inspired by the area’s cultural history, the contemporary hacienda-style hotel was designed by Denise Guislain-Koechlin with the support of her husband, Inkaterra’s founder and CEO, Jose Koechlin. Mrs. Guislain-Koechlin was in charge of the hotel’s layout, surrounding gardens and all interior décor, which includes custom-made furniture and the use of rare pre-Columbian textiles that adorn the property’s high walls.

Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba overlooks a vast panorama of the Sacred Valley, with all rooms featuring views of the valley and surrounding mountains, immersing guests in open space, serenity and relaxing solitude.  At approximately 9,515 feet in altitude, guests will also experience one of the  best climates in the Cusco region.

The property features a 10-acre organic plantation where guests are welcome to pick their own produce.  Crops include red, black and brown quinoa, artichokes, a unique Urubamba giant corn, purple corn, colored potatoes, lima beans, onions, beans and broccoli.  Traditional medicinal herbs are also farmed and include lemon balm, rosemary, sage, green grass, mint, chamomile, cilantro and anise, among others. All crops are completely “carbon-free,” farmed with traditional hand tools and oxen as was done centuries ago.

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You need to check out the wonderful property, Su Gologone, on the island paradise of Sardinia.  Surrounded by geraniums, hydrangeas, bougainvillea and prickly pears, the hotel is a magical getaway.
















Su Gologone is all about the tradition, art and culture of this distinctive part of the world – every detail expresses the authenticity of this land: the furnishings and materials used are as Sardinian as they come, including juniper wood, ancient ceramics, terracotta and white plaster with periwinkle inlays – the same blue that is used to dye the traditional costumes of the Oliena region.

Each of the 23 rooms at Su Gologone is decorated in tones of the island with white washed walls, exposed rustic beams, and colorful textiles.  Each one is a unique surprise and dedicated to a unique Sardinian artist.

The best parts of Su Gologone are its stunning gardens and gorgeous terrace with view of Mount Corrasi.  Enjoy the amazing flavors of Sardinia while enjoying the exquisite view.  Food at Su Gologone follows the Sardinian tradition of rustic deliciousness – fresh, simple flavors that will leave lasting memories.

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Head to Georgia (the country) – Rooms Hotel Tbilisi

March 2, 2015

Tbilisi, Georgia may not be on everyone’s tourist radar, but after an article in Monocle a few years back, it’s had me intrigued.  When I came across the Rooms Hotel Tbilisi, I thought that a visit might be in order.  Tbilisi is a cultural city, brimming with museums, galleries, and eastern history.  It’s hearty food […]

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London’s Wildly Unique Town Hall Hotel

February 15, 2015

Watch your step, because you’re going to want to run to East London’s Town Hall Hotel! Located in London’s edgy neighborhood of Bethnal Green, Town Hall Hotel is in a lavishly decorated historic municipal building mixing traditional and Deco styles. The property features stately sweeping staircases, marble floors, towering ceilings, apartment-style rooms and a stunning brass, marble-clad swimming […]

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The Art Nouveau Miss Clara – A Stockholm Treat

August 13, 2014

In the magical center of Stockholm, one of my favorite cities of the world, sits the wonderful Miss Clara Hotel.  Resident in one of Stockholm’s most delightful Art Nouveau buildings, Miss Clara amazes with her architectural turns and elements of beauty, but she also impresses as a top class hotel. Digg this postRecommend on FacebookTweet about itSubscribe […]

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Unique Find: The Inn at Cuckolds Lighthouse, Maine

May 22, 2014

For generations, mariners navigating the Cuckolds, as the granite islands off the coast of Maine are known, heeded the fog horn and were steered by the gleam of the beacon of the Cuckolds Lighthouse.  After a century of use the historic signal station dating to 1892 and lighthouse from 1907 were threatened with destruction, but thankfully saved […]

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Etihad Unveils Game Changing First Class Suites

May 5, 2014

I’ve had the good fortune to fly on Etihad’s fantastic first class product a number of times.  The airline’s hard product is arguable the best first class suite currently in the air – spacious, elegant without being over the top, and supremely private. Well, that’s all about to change. Yesterday, Etihad unveiled the much anticipated product […]

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Bon Ton and Temple Tree Resorts, Langkawi Island, Malaysia’s Most Interesting Hotels

April 30, 2014

I am writing this on my second night at Bon Ton and Temple Tree, two connected, very eclectic, boutique properties on the island of Langkawi, Malaysia, and I am still not quite sure what to make of them. Both properties are collections of antique houses from Malaysia that were disassembled, transported to Langkawi, and rebuilt on […]

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Georgetown, Malaysia’s Famed Eastern and Oriental Hotel

April 14, 2014

I checked into the Eastern and Oriental Hotel in Penang, Malaysia after a long overnight journey from Colombo.  A weary traveler, I was immediately put at ease by one of the most comfortable and well-appointed suites in which I have ever stayed. The Eastern and Oriental, or E&O as it is more popularly known, dates […]

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